Looking for Crew themed gifts for your athlete?  Here are some ideas!
The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown
THE best book in Rowing!  A superb story of American spirit.  An excellent read for everyone – not just rowers.  Even if your daughter doesn’t read it – you will want to read!
Assault on Lake Casitas
Excellent book on one man’s determination to win an Olympic medal and how he refused to be defeated.
The Red Rose Crew by Daniel J. Boyne
Very good!  About the first group of US women to compete at the Olympics in the 1970s.  A story of perseverance and standing up for what you believe.
The Shell Game by Stephen Kiesling
Excellent book on taking up Rowing at Yale!  A very accurate and captivating account of the life of a college rower and how he fits Rowing into college and his life in general.
Blister Kit
1 inch white adhesive tape (drugstore brand is great) band aids & Neosporin.]
Bug Spray
Unfortunately, we get bit.  Something she can keep in the car and spray on before practice.
Compression Socks

If you daughter has aches and pains in her shins, feet or calves, these will help!  Even wearing them around the house with running sneakers will aide recovery.  Rockay – High-Performance Running Gear and Running Clothes


It’s a thing on our team.  The color is their choice.  It doesn’t have to be our team colors although that would be great!
Energy Bars
Something she can grab when she’s in a hurry.  Clif and RX Bars have a lot of protein and carbs.  Kind Bars are really tasty.  Keep them in the car too!
Foam Roller
Great for massaging and relaxing the muscles used in Rowing such as the back and legs.  A very simple and effective way to aide recovery!
We sell hats, visors, hoodies, sweat pants and long and short sleeved t-shirts.  Prices are very reasonable and a portion of each sale goes to our team.  Parents will want to get something for regattas too!
Wash builds fast when you’re an athlete!  Many rowers wear spandex but most of our girls like running shorts.  Please make sure they are long enough!
Our HRC sticker (only $3!) or something else “Crew” that can be found at regattas or on-line.  Girls like them for their cars and computers.
Rowing Camp
A gift certificate for a summer rowing camp.  Choose a school your daughter would like so she can experience the school AND row!
Rowing Jacket
Good for cooler weather, rain and the bugs at our boathouse!  These are pricey but will last a long time.  Our team jackets can only be ordered once a year when we have our on-line store through Boathouse Sports.
Running Shoes
Good, supportive shoes as we do a lot of running!  We recommend going to a running store and getting fitted.  Insoles and good socks help too!


A Timex Ironman sport watch from Target or similar.  They cost about $30.  This is a must for coxswains and scullers as it ensures they get to the start on time!  Coxswains should also wear a watch every day for practice too.
Water Bottle
Rowers are always thirsty!  Something plastic so it doesn’t bang around in the boat.