Communication  Policy

Coach to Athlete Communication: We use e-mail or WhatsApp to communicate information to our entire team.  When communicating to just one athlete, we will use e-mail or WhatsApp and copy at least one other coach. 

Athlete to Coach Communication: The best way to communicate is in person.  Please wait until after practice and speak with your Head Coach.  She will be happy to address any concerns you may have!  If you must communicate otherwise, please e-mail your Head Coach. 

Coach to Parent Communication: We use e-mail to communicate information to all our parents and will often include athletes too.  All coaches are copied.

Parent to Coach Communication, General:  For general concerns not involving your daughter specifically, please email your Head Coach.

Parent to Coach Communication, Specific: We want our athletes to handle their own affairs such as attendance and any concerns they may have.  This helps them to be more responsible and prepares them for life.  They can certainly copy their parents if you would like to be included in the conversation!  If you have concerns regarding your daughter, please email your daughter’s Head Coach and copy your daughter.  We want our athletes involved in matters concerning them.

Boat Selection:  Boat selection is based on fitness, technique and attitude.  Erg scores, run times and attendance are some factors used in selection.  No one factor will earn you a seat.  It is a combination of factors.  Coaches decide which athletes will make the boat the fastest and race line ups can be changed until “hands on”.  Athletes are welcome to speak with their coaches regarding any matter including selection.  Parents are not involved in boat selection.  Parents can support their athlete by listening to their concerns and reminding them that not every athlete will get a seat in the boat of their choice.