Alumnae in College

Because of the time commitment Rowing requires, it adds some challenges to a student’s day.  But by developing excellent time management skills, our student-athletes prove they can handle it!  Rowing develops discipline, structure and perseverance.  Rowers are often at the top of their class and end up accomplishing more than most other students even with Rowing.  The challenges are outweighed by the rewards of accomplishing goals they never thought possible and establishing friendships that last a lifetime.

In our short existence, our student-athletes have moved onto the fine universities below.  We are very proud of them and wish them continued success. They have proven they have what it takes to succeed!


 Gracie Abdalla*, 2018 – Boston University

Tori Abdalla*, 2017 – Boston University

Agustina Alsogaray, 2023 – Florida State University

Ella Bryntesen, 2024 – University of South Florida

Angelina Cartagena, 2019 – Florida State University

Cameron Cunningham*, 2017 – University of Florida

Leniza Dever, 2017 – Stetson University

Noa Elbahri*, 2024 – University of Florida

Isabelle Gain*, 2019 – University of Florida

Abigayle Goins, 2018 – University of Florida

Valeria Gomez*, 2023 – University of Florida

Jennifer Huha, 2017 – Florida Institute of Technology

Sofia Isaac*, 2017 – University of Florida

Lara Jimenez, 2020 – Florida State University

Julia Keith*, 2021 – University of Florida

Alex Leone, 2021 – University of Rhode Island

Camila Masias*, 2024 – University of Miami

Isabella McKinnon*, 2017 – Boston College

Nicolette McPharlin, 2018 – University of Georgia

Morgan Murphy*, 2023 – University of Florida

Mya Nosowicz, 2023 – University of Miami

Rebekah Pereira, 2018 – Clemson University

Veronica Pereira*, 2016 – University of Florida

Grace Plass*, 2017 – University of Florida

Benjamin Reeser*, 2024 – United States Coast Guard Academy

Carys Rey, 2023 – United States Coast Guard Academy

Renata Sakhnovsky, 2018 – University of Central Florida

Haylie Salce, 2022 – University of Alabama

Madelin Salce, 2021 – Florida Gulf Coast University

Sophia Santarsiero, 2024 – Loyola University

Anna Schneider, 2019 – University of Michigan

Sophie Selwood, 2020 – Villanova University

Natalie Stratmann, 2024 – University of South Florida

Elizabeth Weis*, 2019 – University of Georgia

Patricia Wojtas*, 2021 – Georgetown University

*Graduated Summa Cum Laude from St. Thomas Aquinas High School

2018 Seniors
2017 Seniors: Cameron Cunningham, Leniza Dever, Tori Abdalla, Grace Plass, Jenni Huha