“Today, I will do what others won’t, so that tomorrow,

I can do what others can’t”

 – Jerry Rice, Football Legend

Rowing or “Crew” is a unique sport.
Competition must co-exist with cooperation.
 It requires competitiveness on an individual level and the ability to be a team player.
 Each person in the boat competes for a seat in the boat.
Each seat has a specific and important role in that boat.
 But then, all seats must come together and work as one highly united boat or team.
Success will only come to a boat when everyone is working together for the good of their boat.
There are no individual stars in Rowing.
Only boats can be stars.
Boats work together to accomplish much more than they could have individually.

Crew Develops


Excellent Physical Fitness:  Rowing is a non-impact, total body, aerobic workout.  It uses your legs, core, back and arms while also developing your cardiovascular system.  There is no stress on your knees and no concussions to worry about.  You will become very fit and strong.  We use rowing and cross training to get you in your best shape possible.  You will probably never be as fit as when you are a rower.  And, you do not have to join as an athlete.  Rowing will turn you into an athlete and you will learn how to workout which you can use for the rest of your life!

Mental Focus:  Although Rowing is very physical, it is also requires mental strength or focus.  It is a complete connection of mind and body.  While you are giving it 100% physically, you must also think about your technique – your hand height, the balance of the boat, the sequence of your body.  You are always trying to achieve the perfect stroke while at the same time be in perfect sync with every other rower in your boat.  Additionally, you will use your mind to keep you going when you get tired.  Rowing will help you to be physically and mentally strong.

Goal Setting:  In Rowing, you are constantly setting goals and trying to attain them – whether it’s a run time, an erg time or a split in your boat.  You start out with very easy goals and work up at your own, individual pace to attain goals you never would have thought possible.  Learning how to set goals and achieve them – one step at a time – is something you can use in school, work and life.

Confidence:  By reaching your goals and getting in your best shape, you will develop confidence.   Confidence that you will bring to every other aspect of your life.  A “can do” attitude.  When you’re a rower, you can take on anything!

Dedication:  In order to reach your goals, you have to be dedicated.  You will see that dedication has rewards.  It pays off.  It pays off in making a boat.  It pays off in earning a medal.  It pays off in winning a race.  It pays off in beating a team that is supposed to be so much better than yours.  This is true in life too.  Nothing worthwhile comes easy.  It takes hard work and dedication.  Learning how to be dedicated to your goals and your team is something that will serve you well in college and beyond.

Passion:  Your dedication becomes your passion.  Rowing becomes your passion.  Having a passion makes life happier, healthier and more meaningful!

Teamwork:  To be a successful rower, you must be able to work with your team or boat.  There are no superstars in Rowing.  You must be a team player.  Your boat will only go well if everyone is working together to be their collective best.  You will learn to make sacrifices and contributions for the good of all.  Being a team player is valuable when working on group projects in school and to employers who want employees who work well with others.

Responsibility and Accountability:  If you’re not at practice, your boat can’t go out.  You will learn that others are counting on you.  They will rely on you and you on them.  You will become more responsible and understand the importance of being accountable.

Time Management:   As with anything worthwhile, Crew takes a lot of time.  When you love something, you don’t mind the commitment but you have to manage your time wisely.  You have to use your time outside of school and practice effectively to get your homework done.  Get ahead when you can.  Prioritize your To Do List.  Focus on what’s most important.  This will serve you very well in college and beyond.

Persistence and Resiliency:  You will spend many hours rowing on the water and on the rowing machine.  You may not have a good practice or a good race but you still show up the next day.  You will develop an ability to persist and endure.  To endure the day-to-day work with an eye on the prize.  You will become strong both physically and mentally.  You are not a quitter.  You will become a fighter.  You will become resilient.  Resiliency and persistence will see you through the tough times you will encounter in your life.

Community:  You will spend a lot of time at practice and regattas.  A lot of time with your teammates.  They will become your closest friends.  You will row with freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors.  You will learn from your older teammates and you will guide the younger ones.  You will feel a sense of oneness and belonging to your own rowing team and to the rowing community world-wide.  You will always feel connected to the rowing world with opportunities to row in college and beyond!  Rowing is a lifelong sport with a strong community.